Pandemic (2008)
Pandemic Box
2-4 Players

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Action selection
CDC Member Actions - Choice to move pawn, build stations, treat diseases, share knowledge, or discover a cure.

Deck stacking
Infection Deck Order Adjustment - In certain situations, players may change the order of the upcoming cards.

Point-to-point movement
World Cities Map - The game board provides a world layout of major cities with connecting lines for drive and ferry movement.

Randomness insight
Infection Deck Order Preview - In certain situations, players may view the order of the upcoming cards.

Set collection
Collecting City Cards - Discard 5 City cards of the same color to cure that disease.

Air Travel - Movement between unconnected cites by direct flight (discard a City card to move to that city), charter flight (discard your current location's City card to travel anywhere), or shuttle flight (move from any research station to another).


Pandemic Rulebook - 8 page booklet describing the rules of play.

7 Role Cards - 7 role cards in corresponding color to the associated pawn. Text explaining each role's asymmetric special abilities.

59 Player Cards - 59 Player Cards (48 City Cards, 6 Epidemic Cards, 5 Event Cards)

Game Board
World Map - Map of major world cities with white connecting lines between direct travel routes and outbreak connections.


Asymmetric Actions
Unique Role Abilities - Each role has a unique ability which improves collaboration and improve capabilities.

Controlled information
City Card Disclosure - Players should keep their city cards hidden, but may discuss them to increase collaboration.

Deck stacking
Epidemic Timing - During setup the epidemic cards are evenly distributed throughout the player deck.

Hand limit
City Card Hand Limit - Players must discard or play Event cards until they have 7 cards in hand.

Input randomness
Shuffled Infection Deck - There is an unknown order in which each city will get infected.

Shuffled Player Deck - There is an unknown order in which the players will receive City Cards.

Mutually exclusive action
City Card Use - Choice to use City cards to build stations, shortcut movement, or collect sets to cure diseases.


Hand management
City Card Use - Hand limits, multi-use cards, and set collection require players to control cards.